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4 Easy Tools to Upgrade Your Inner Life and Increase Outer Success

Howdy friends! Today I’m sharing a few ideas about how to create your best possible inner life which will then translate to outer success. Watch this video to learn 4 easy tools to help you upgrade your inner life. In the video I compare the inner workings of a printer to the inner workings of our minds to illustrate that “Your inner life determines your outer success” (Dr. Henry Cloud).

Remember the old matrix dot printers? The pictures they created looked like just a bunch of dots all merged together on a page. I love the newer inkjet printers that create clear and more realistic pictures. I promise, I’m not selling printers, but I do want to talk about how they relate to life.

Did you know that, like the old printers, inkjet printers also use dots (these dots are much much smaller). While the old dinosaur matrix printers made 64 dots per character, the newer inkjet printers fire nearly 5000 THOUSAND teeny tiny dots per inch. It’s basically like a tiny firing squad of nozzles rattling off millions of ink dots every single second. It’s quite fascinating that we can create an image on our computer, click print and vwalla! The ink-jets start firing and soon we have the image printed out onto paper.

Have you ever had times when your ink-jets were clogged? That can be quite frustrating. When things aren’t working on the inside of the printer, it really shows up on the outside performance and the overall picture can be quite messed up.

People are like that too. This quote states it very clearly,”YOUR INNER LIFE DETERMINES YOUR OUTER SUCCESS!” When things aren’t working right inside our minds it can really mess with the overall picture we hope to create for our lives. Some of those inner clogs are, Self doubt, negative or pessimistic thinking, stress, and challenging relationships.

So here are a few ways to improve your inner life so that you can enjoy the outer success you’re hoping for:

1. If you struggle with FEELINGS OF SELF DOUBT, it simply means you need to clean out your mental ink-jets or in other words, clean out your negative self-talk and replace it with positive declarations and words of affirmation to help build your confidence. For more thoughts on positive self-talk, CLICK HERE.
2. NEGATIVE OR PESSIMISTIC THINKING can be overcome with a simple daily practice of gratitude journaling. Research has shown that when you make a habit of writing down what you’re thankful for every day, it increases your positivity and helps you realize that your life is full of good things AND It gives you hope for many more good things to come in the future. To learn more about how gratitude inspires optimism, CLICK HERE.
3. If you find that your mental ink-jets are full of STRESS, then you know it’s time to unclog and destress through deep relaxation breathing, getting outside for fresh air and exercise, taking a power nap, or maybe even doing a quick happy dance, just to change your mindset.
4. If your RELATIONSHIPS are clogged with negativity that can cause a huge malfunction in your inner life and in your ability to succeed. Since studies reveal that the #1 predictor of happiness is based on the quality of your relationships, now is a good time to give your relationships top priority. Spend quality time together, learn about each other’s goals, dreams, needs, and innate core motives. Work together to build some solid communication skills to help keep your relationship ink-jets in top notch shape.

Remember, your inner life determines your outer success, so take time to upgrade your inner life! When you do, you’ll begin to notice that all the dots come together just right and soon you’ll enjoy a major upgrade in the overall picture and success in your daily life.