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The Positivity Life Podcast

Welcome to the Positivity Life Podcast page! For a list of previous episodes, please see below. Every Monday and Wednesday we’ll post new podcast episodes with experts, mentors, authors and coaches in the fields of health, wellness and Positive Psychology. If you subscribe, on iTunes, you will automatically get every episode (for free).

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18Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson

Happy, Thin, & Free!

1/16 & 17Aaron Kennard

Every Experience is for Your Good! - Part 1 & 2

1/15Bruce Van Horn

Choose to See Challenges as Gifts

1/14Sebastien Gendry

The Laughter Wellness Method

1/13Rick & Teresa Starr

Seven BIG WHYS for Outside Exercise!

1/12Margo Freitag

Achieving Optimal Health Through Plant-Based Nutrition

1/11Kami McBride

The Natural Remedies in Your Spice Rack

1/10Steven R. Talbot

The Amazing Benefits of Walking with Steven R. Talbot

1/9Dr. Lynn A. Wicker

Raising Kids That Succeed

1/8Dr. Colleen Georges

Seeing All the Good in Self, Others and Life

1/7Rick & Teresa Starr

5 Simple Questions That Can Lead to Post Traumatic Growth

1/6Carin Rockind

Live Your Purpose

1/5Rick & Teresa Starr

10 Strategies to Help Reduce Anxiety, Fear, & Panic

1/4Barry McDonagh

Breakthrough Strategies for Overcoming Panic Attacks & Anxiety

1/3Dino Watt

The Four Pillars of Powerful Marriages

1/2Mike Schlappi

The Transformational Power of Adversity

1/1Rick & Teresa Starr

Welcome to the Positivity Life Podcast


Season 1 Episode 12 : Achieving Optimal Health Through Plant-Based Nutrition with Margo Freitag [Podcast].

Season 1 Episode 12 : Achieving Optimal Health Through Plant-Based Nutrition with Margo Freitag [Podcast]. Margot Freitag is a certified whole foods plant based nutritionist, and the creator and owner of Taiga Whole Health. She specializes in nutrition education and the therapeutic use of a whole foods, plant-based diet for [...]