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Positivity Life offers a comprehensive approach to living abundantly. There are many pathways to a Positivity Life.  Through our blog and podcast we will bring you articles and interviews from experts, mentors, and coaches in each of the positivity pathways.

Please check back often for updates.

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Discover and develop positive emotions (such as love, appreciation, joy, etc.) and character strengths (such as compassion, courage, wisdom) to help you live your life with heart and to find your true “Joie de vivre” (joy in living).

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Improve your mental acuity with simple life practices that inspire creativity, confidence, mindfulness, resilience, focus, relaxation, and feelings of wellness.

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Enjoy increased energy, optimal weight, fitness, and vitality as you apply proven concepts of nutrition, exercise, and rejuvenation.

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Develop a deeper sense of your life’s meaning, purpose, and infinite worth as you nurture core values and virtues, such as gratitude, forgiveness, kindness and faith in God.

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Learn strategies to build and nurture deep, meaningful and supportive relationships in your family, community, and workplace.

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Develop healthy life habits and strategies that will move you toward your life goals faster, with improved outcomes, and total joy in the journey.