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Positivity Life Podcast Interview Flow

The Positivity Life Podcast is all about your story, your message, and the “takeaway’s” that listeners can apply in their lives. The show flow below will help you prepare the content you want to share to make your interview great!

To make the audio on your side come through crystal clear please use a microphone that will produce a professional sound for a podcast. If you don’t already have a good quality microphone, we recommend either the Logitech Clearchat, or the Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB.


Interview Format

Show Flow Download (Word Doc)

1. Intro

We will share your bio then turn it over to you to briefly fill in the blanks by providing a glimpse into your personal life and a short preview of your current message and what you do.

2. Story

  • Tell us your personal story, and take us on that journey. Tell us how you came to do what you’re doing.
  • What were your challenges, your lowest point, the turning point, and the solutions?
  • What do you consider the greatest victory from this experience? How did you triumph?
  • How has it helped you?
  • How has it helped others?
  • Talk about why are you doing what you do?

3. Overview of your current message

  • Talk about your current message, products, and/or services.
  • What are the relevant talking points that you would like to discuss?
    • Talking point 1
    • Talking point 2
    • Talking point 3

4. Lightning Round (Quick Response)

  • What are some of the tools or resources that have helped you the most? (These can be daily routines, programs, apps, books, mentors, words of wisdom, even something of a personal or spiritual nature such as your faith. Or perhaps something related to our 6 Positivity Life Pathways: Heart, Mind, Body, Spirit, Relationships, or Life Strategies.)
  • Do you have a positivity mantra or affirmations that you use to motivate yourself?
  • If you could look back at yourself (when you were younger, or at a low point) what advice would you give to your past self, from your current vantage point? How would you cheer yourself on?

5. Conclusion

  • Where can our listeners contact you if they want more information about you or your message?
  • Please share some concluding words (or a story) that will wrap up your message, plus
  • Please share any actionable advice or takeaways that can help our listeners apply your message to their own lives to create a more positivity life?

Note: We will try to follow the framework laid out above, but we also want to keep our discussion as spontaneous and conversational as possible. This may mean that we deviate occasionally from the flow if there are some interesting points that we discover during the conversation. We’ll try to keep it fun, spontaneous, and interesting for the listener. If there is something that you would like to add that’s not covered here, please let us know when we chat before the interview.

Information that we need from you before the recording

It will help us to have the following info and items before your interview. Please email this information to:

  • Please send us your preferred brief bio (100 – 200 words) and a digital image of yourself as well as links or information on any products that you may mention so we can include them on your shownotes page. Otherwise, we will use your bio and images from your website or social media pages.
  • Let us know the talking points that you would like us to discuss that are most relevant to your current message?
  • Do you have a product or incentive you would like to promote, or a free give away? Tell us your idea?
    Note: Please keep in mind that this is a family friendly podcast. We talk about principles of positivity that can help listeners experience health, happiness and their own personal potential. While we love good humor, we ask that our guests use clean, appropriate and respectful language.

Thank you.